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Current ALJ Decisions

Consent Decisions

2003 Consent Decisions

Point Catering, Inc. d/b/a Rainbow Catering and Gilberto O. Broche. FMIA Docket No. 04-0002/PPIA Docket No. 04-0002. 12/14/03

Phuc Huong and Phuc (Paul) Pham. FMIA Docket No 03-0004/PPIA Docket No. 03-0003. 12/15/03

Mielke's Peke Patch, Richard Mielke and Kaye Mielke. AWA Docket No. 03-0019. 12/03/03

Dennis D. Osburn. P. & S. Docket No. D-02-0023. 11/25/03

Rick Rowden. AWA Docket No. 03-0009. 11/20/03

Sylvia Jacobson d/b/a Lonesome Owl Kennel. AWA Docket No. 01-0039. 11/13/03

Hyde Shipping Corporation. P.Q. Docket No. 03-0013. 11/10/03

Boghosian Raisins Packing Co., Inc., 2002 AMA Docket No. F&V 989-6. 11/7/03

R-NI's Shebas-N-More and Robert McNight. AWA Docket No. 03-0021. 11/06/03

Paradise Kennel, Gary Rogers and Darlene Rogers. AWA Docket No. 03-0020. 10/30/03

Greg Blackburn d/b/a Pet Shop. AWA Docket No. 03-0015. 10/22/03

Cindy's Noweta Chihuahuas and Cindy Brooks. AWA Docket No. 03-0028. 10/22/03

John Cope's Food Products, Inc. PACA Docket No. D-02-0027. 10/07/03

Gooding Potato Packers, Inc. PACA Docket No. D-02-0004. 09/30/03

Sunsweet Growers, Inc. AMAA Docket No. 03-0003. 09/22/03

Arkoosh Produce, Inc. PACA Docket No D-02-0003. 09/22/03

Iona Miller and Harlan Miller. AWA Docket No. 03-0006. 08/08/03

BAX GLOBAL, INC. AWA Docket No. 03-0017. 07/24/03

Winifred M. Canavan, d/b/a Westport Aquarium. AWA Docket No. 03-0003. 07/24/03

City of Los Angeles. AWA Docket No. 01-0047. 07/16/03

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