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Consent Decisions
2005 Consent Decisions

Dawn Mooney HPA Docket 06-0003 12/23/05

Gulf Coast Livestock Commission Co. and Victor J. Garcia P&S Docket D-06-0001 12/20/05

Lisa K. Teel HPA Docket No 04-0004 12/20/05

Frutech, Inc. PACA Docket No D-04-0027 12/16/05

James Franklin Daniel AWA Docket No 02-0001 12/16/05

Bobby E. Richards HPA Docket No 04-0004 12/15/05

Seabrite, Corp. P.&S. Docket No. D-05-0014 12/14/05

Phillip Hall PACA Docket NO. APP-05-0003 12/02/2005

Texas Marine Agency, Inc. PQ Docket No 06-0008 12/02/05

Deborah Jaques PQ Docket No 05-0028 12/01/05

Merlin Airways, Inc PQ Docket No. 06-0006 11/28/05

Florida West International Airways  PQ Docket 06-0007 11/22/05

Skogland Meats and Locker, Inc. and Mark L. Skogland FMIA Docket 06-0002 and PPIA Docket 06-0002 11/22/05

Deer Forest Fun Park, Inc. AWA Docket No 02-0023 11/17/05

Delta Airlines, Inc. AWA Docket No 03-0031 11/10/05

Delta Airlines, Inc. AWA Docket No 04-0011 11/10/05

Delta Airlines, Inc. AWA Docket No 05-0001 11/10/05

Delta Airlines, Inc. AWA Docket No 05-0020 11/10/05

Delta Airlines, Inc. AWA Docket No 05-0023 11/10/05

Delta Airlines, Inc. AWA Docket No 05-0025 11/10/05

Delta Airlines, Inc. AWA Docket No 03-0029 11/10/05

Alex R. Taylor, Ricky Taylor, Justin Time Stables, Tim Holley, Tim Holley Stables HPA 01-0029 10/31/05

David Hamilton, et al. AWA Docket No. 04-0016 10/28/05

William Hamilton, et al. AWA Docket No. 05-0013 10/28/05

Washington Livestock Market Center, Inc. d/b/a Quincy Livestock Market and John Rodrick Nuckolls P&S /Docket No. D-05-0001 10/28/05

Tim Reece dba Reese Cattle Co. P.&S. Docket No. D-05-0009 10/26/05

Antonio R. Alentado AWA Docket No 05-0028 10/07/05

Ferndale Foods, Inc. and Margaret M. Kent P&S Docket No D-04-0004 10/05/05

John R. LeGate Sr. HPA Docket No. 02-0003.1 10/05/05

Kiet Huy Tran A.Q. Docket No. 05-0011 09/30/05

Jody DeSomma dba Impact Brokerage Corporation PACA Docket No D-04-0017 09/28/05

University of California, San Francisco AWA Docket No. 04-0027 09/23/05

Mike Bamrick dba Bambrick and MJ Cattle Company P.&S. Docket No. D-05-0016 09/19/05

E. Vega and Sons and Rene Vega AMA WRPA Docket No 03-0002 09/19/05

Werling and Sons, Inc. FMIA Docket No. 05-0003 09/09/05 and PPIA Docket No. 05-0004 09/09/05

Erica Nicole DeHann AWA-Docket No. 03-0010 9/6/05

Susan F. Korn d/b/a For the Birds AWA 04-0033 September 6, 2005

Barbara M. Pratt P.Q. Docket No. 05-0025 09/02/05

Shane Junior Logan AWA Docket No. 04-0026 09/01/05

D&H Pet Farms, Inc. AWA Docket No 04-0028 08/24/05

Larry Darrell Winslow, et al. AWA Docket No 04-0035 08/19/05

Russell Stewart Grandshaw and Grizzly's Beef Jerky, Inc. FMIA Docket No. 05-0008 08/18/05

Carolyn D. Atchison, an individual; Thomas W. Atchison, an individual; Animal House Zoological Park, a partnership or unincorporated association; and Animal House Zoological Society, Inc. an Alabama corporation, AWA Docket No. 05-0015 8/16/05

A & B Produce, Inc.PACA Docket No. D-04-0021 08/10/05

Bobby L. Nobles and R. Wayne Nobles FMIA Docket No. 05-0007 and PPIA Docket No. 05-0007 08/08/05

Jacline Wampler, HPA Docket No. 05-0004, 07/20/05

Dale T. Smith & Sons Meat Packing Company Inc., Darrell H Smith and Dennis H. Smith P.& S Docket No D-05-0007, 07/19/05

Jeffrey Street, HPA Docket No. 05-0004, 07/08/05

Sun City Packing, Inc. and Ke-Long "Fred" Chow P&S Docket No. D-05-0011, 07/08/05

Shirley Cargile d/b/a Cargile Kennel AWA Docket No AWA 04-0020 07/06/05

Wilbert Volson, A.Q. Docket No. 05-0005 & P.Q. Docket No. 05-0009, 07/06/05

Michael D. Pyle, et al, FMIA-05-0006, 6/26/05

Rose Beyene Celin, AQ-05-0008, 6/21/05

Rebhan R & W Meat Company, Inc., Jeffrey G. Rebhan, and Edwin Rebhan FMIA Docket No. 05-0004 and PPIA Docket No. 05-0005, 06/17/05

Calavo Growers, Inc. P.Q. Docket No. 03-0012 06/10/05

Michele Czara, PQ-05-0008, 06/03/05

St. Johns Shipping Company, Inc., PQ Docket, 03-0015 06/03/05

Beechdale Animal Suplies, Inc. AWA Docket No. 05-0017 06/01/05

Gertrude Nelson, P.Q. Docket No. 05-0021, 051305

Stephen Ludlum d/b/a The Orchid Factory Dot Com, Inc. P.Q. Docket No. 04-0001 05/09/05

Tim Cherry, P&S Docket No D-04-0013, 05/05/05

House of Raeford Farms of Louisiana, L.L.C., PPIA Docket No. 05-0002, 05/04/05

Mary Jean Williams, an individual; John Bryan Williams, an individual and Deborah Ann Milette, an individual, AWA Docket No. 04-0023, 04/28/05

Carl L. Medeiros, PQ Docket No. 05-0014, 04/11/05

Lakeview Packing Company, Inc. and Jacob T. Turnage, P.& S. Docket D-05-0006, 04/20/05

Agencia Navemar de Puerto Rico, Inc. P.Q. Docket No. 04-0013 04/18/05

Margi Ruth Foster, A.Q. Docket No. 05-0007, 04/05/05

Tony Tabujara, PQ Docket No 05-0019, 3/31/05

Suvit Asawapornsnit d/b/a, AQ 05-0001, 3/31/05

Schoenfield Melon Farms and Ted Schoenfield, AMA WRPA Docket No. 03-0004, 03/23/05

Betty Gray, AWA Docket No. 05-0007, 03/21/05

Wal-Mart Stores, and Swift Transportation Company, Inc. (as to Wal-Mart Stores, P.Q. Docket No. 03-0017, 03/15/05

Leo E. Buchheit, P & S Docket D-04-0008, 3/11/05

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. and Swift Transportation Company, Inc., As to Swift Transportation Company only, P.O. Docket 03-0017, 3/9/05

Frank E. Neal HPA Docket No. 99-0033 02/22/05

Susana Koch, A.Q. Docket 05-0006, February 10, 2005

Richard Wu. d/b/a Hip Wing Trading Company, P.Q. Docket No 05-0004, February 9, 2005

Richard Andreski and Chilam Trading Associates, Inc., P.Q. Docket No. 05-0007, February 3, 2005

The Johns Hopkins University, AWA Docket No. 04-0008, 02/01/05

Americas Produce Company, Inc., PACA Docket 04-0001, February 1, 2005

Chester C. Baird, also known as C.C. Baird, an individual, Jeanette Baird, an individual, Patsy Baird, an individual, and Patricia Baird, an individual, doing business jointly as Pat"s Pine Tree Farms and Martin Creek Kennels, AWA 04-0013, January 28, 2005

Steve Dunn, Jada R. Floyd, Michael R. Floyd, HPA Docket 00-0014, January 28, 2005

Itzhak Lahiany, PQ Docket No 05-0003, 1/27/05

Ronald Beltz, an individual; and Christopher Jerome Zahnd, an individual HPA Docket No. 02-0001, January 18, 2005

Bretensky's Meat Market, Inc. and Stephen T. Brestensky, FMIA docket No. 98-0002, January 13, 2005

George E. Kollar, an individual, and Sandra J. Kollar, an individual, doing business as Mother Nature's Children, AWA 04-0009, January 13, 2005

Richard Armstrong, d/b/a Richard Armstrong Cattle Co., P& S Docket No. D-03-0018, January 12, 2005

Rachel Snider, AWA Docket No 03-0022, January 7, 2005

WILLIAM CHANDLER d/b/a Bill Chandler Cattle, P. & S. Docket No. D-03-0020, January 3, 2005

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