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Interpreting Services Program

Nancy Frohman - Interpreting Services Program Manager -

Our Interpreting Services Program promotes effective communication between deaf and hard of hearing and hearing employees which allows individuals to fully perform their duties in the workplace.

Contact us through our new toll-free nationwide number: 1-844-433-2774

The USDA Roadmap to Acquire Interpreting Services outlines the process to obtain sign language interpreters in a variety of modes, as well as Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) captionists and TypeWell transcribers. These services are essential to USDA employees and visitors who attend Department or agency events, staff meetings, one-on-one meetings with co-workers, training, office social events or any other situation which requires communication among employees. Agencies can use this roadmap to efficiently deliver quality sign language interpreting services for employees nationwide.

USDA Roadmap to Acquire Interpreting Services Training

USDA TARGET Center Interpreting Services supports the Roadmap by providing accessible training related to effective communication services for employees.