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Purchase Card News


April 2, 2014
PCard-04-2014: Clarification on Completing the Convenience Checks Required Fields in Access Online

March 25, 2014
PCard-03-2014: Updated Procedure Dormant Card List Report

March 25, 2014
PCard-02-2014: Updated Procedure Separation of Service Report

March 7, 2014
PCard-01-2014: Access Online User ID Mandatory Password Reset


July 17, 2013
PCard-09-2013: New Oversight Support Process: Separation of Service Report

July 10, 2013
PCard-08-2013: New Oversight Support Process: Random Sampling of Receipt Documentation
(incl. "Receipt Random Sampling Instructions")

June 4, 2013
PCard-07-2013: Additional Training Certificates to be mandatory on all Purchase Cardholder Applications
(incl. "Cardholder Request for Purchase Card - 07-01-13 - fillable.pdf")

May 31, 2013
PCard-06-2013: Questionable Transactions Report (Qtr) Program
(incl. "Questionable Transactions Report (Qtr) Program Instructions")

May 20, 2013
PCard-05-2013: Potential "Not Validated" Transactions

April 30, 2013
PCard-04-2013: Removal of User Line Item Detail in Access® Online

April 9, 2013
PCard-03-2013: New Password Authentication Rules Coming to U.S. Bank Access® Online

March 19, 2013
PCard-02-2013: GSA SmartPay Training Forum Update Suspended for 2013

January 1, 2013
PCard-01-2013: GSA SmartPay Merchant Surcharges
(incl. "GSA SmartBulletin No 17 Jan 2013")


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