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About OHRM


At the Office of Human Resources Management, our Mission is to facilitate the attainment of the Department's strategic goals and program objectives by ensuring the recruitment and retention of a diverse, highly-skilled workforce that is aligned with our program needs as well as to promote a competency-based and results-oriented performance culture at USDA.



To be a customer-focused change agent that promotes effective human resource management within USDA.


Core Values

  1. Standards set forth in the Human Capital Assessment and Accountability Framework (HCAAF) will be our model for program proficiency.
  2. All customers are treated with respect as demonstrated through actions that are responsive and thorough.
  3. In all matters, the law will be upheld and the truth will be told.
  4. There is no substitute for excellence - what is done will be done with excellence.
  5. Issues will be examined from the perspective of all stakeholders before decisions are made or recommendations offered.
  6. Communication will be done in a relevant way - using current technology when appropriate - for the purpose of facilitating program understanding, work facilitation and improved staff and customer relationships.
  7. Risk taking in furthering our mission is essential to program success.
  8. When errors are made, the affected parties will be advised and an attempt made to remedy the situation expeditiously. Preventative measures will be identified and put in place.