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Selective Placement Program Managers

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Selective Placement Program is a Departmental means to organize our efforts and to consolidate resources toward improving and increased recruitment, hiring, and advancement of individuals with disabilities. The purpose of the Selective Placement Program is to: (1) help managers fill job opportunities with qualified individuals with disabilities using the Schedule A Hiring Authority, (2) help applicants with disabilities navigate the non-competitive hiring process, (3) collaborate with Reasonable Accommodation Designees to help hiring managers facilitate reasonable accommodations for applicants, and on boarding new employees.

Each Agency is required to provide a central point of contact from Human Resources (preferably with staffing expertise) to serve as the Selective Placement Program Manager, and to lead the Agency's efforts to meet our collective goals.

Farm and Foreign Agricultural Service

Darlene Andrew HR Specialist 202-401-0343

Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services (FNCS)

Joanie Dilone HR Specialist 703-605-0802

Food Safety and Inspection Services (FSIS)

Kamir Carrillo HR Specialist 202-440-1884

Marketing Regulatory Program

Jacqueline Miles HR Specialist 612-336-3362

Natural Resources and Environment (NRE)

Forest Service
Ginger Johnson-DeRusha
HR Specialist 505-563-9533

Natural Resources and Conservation Service

Brianne Burger HR Specialist 202-618-5525

Research, Education and Economics

Mary Weber HR Specialist 301-504-1397

Rural Development

Deborah Oliver-Sutton HR Specialist 202-692-0197

Office of the Chief Financial Officer

Terry Isidore HR Specialist 504-426-0477

Office of the Inspector General

Scott A. Barrett HR Specialist 202-720-0966

Departmental Management and Staff Offices

Nikia Sizer HR Specialist 202-260-8713

USDA Disability Employment Program Manager

Alison Levy HR Specialist 202-260-8242