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Eligibility and Application Instructions

Application Instructions for SIP

To apply for an internship, students may apply for internship vacancies by submitting the following:



Students must be enrolled in a GED, or a diploma at a high school, or in a vocational institution such as JobCorps, or in a degree at a college or university (online schools are acceptable if they have accreditation by the Dept of Education) (“currently enrolled" means the student will be enrolled for fall semester 2011), and must meet the eligibility requirements listed above.

Generally, interns are hired at the GS 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 grade levels. The grade level determines the rate of pay. Some positions allow for an equivalent combination of education and experience. Specific course work for some positions may be required. Specialized Experience is defined as experience directly related to the responsibilities of the advertised position.  


Travel and Housing

Transportation and housing subsidies may be provided to the selected interns’ contingent upon available funding and need. Individual interns will be notified by the selecting official if they are to receive subsidies.

For eligibility and application process for other internship programs, please visit their websites.