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Strategic Human Resources Planning and Accountability

The Strategic Human Resources Planning and Accountability Division (SHRPA) directs implementation of the Human Capital Accountability Framework (HCAAF) title 5, Code of Federal Regulation (CFR), Part 250, which provides a systematic means by which USDA monitors and analyzes performance on all aspects of human capital management policies, programs, and activities as they support the USDA Strategic Plan, USDA Strategic Human Capital Plan, and mission accomplishment and to ensure effectiveness and efficiency, and compliance with law and regulation and adherence to merit systems principles.  Analyzes and evaluates new or modified human resources programs, human capital management policies, regulations, goals, or objectives to determine how effectively approaches link to the Department’s mission, goals, vision and support the human capital efforts to achieve program results.

Provides leadership and advice on matters affecting human capital planning, budgeting, programs, policies, accountability, and reporting, and serves as the primary representative body for USDA when coordinating with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the General Accounting Office (GAO), and other Federal and non-Federal customers and organizations in connection with human resources and human capital management areas of responsibility.  This includes formulating and executing departmental human resources and human capital management strategic plans, implementation plans, policies, and programs to include the Workforce Plan, Succession Plan, Annual Performance Plan and Report, Annual Human Capital Management Report, OHRM Operating plan, and USDA’s Strategic Human Capital Plan.  SHRPA monitors the Department’s human capital management performance by evaluating and auditing the results of its policies, operations, and programs by analyzing compliance with merit systems principles, identifying and reporting on necessary improvements, and monitoring corrective actions.  The Division performs its functions as follows:

Cultivates business partnerships with USDA’s Mission Areas and Mission Area Human Resources Offices to define and design human capital management (HCM) implementation strategies that support Departmental mission, goals, and objectives. These partnerships serve to ensure that HCM strategy and policy are constructively integrated within the broad missions, goals, and objectives of Departmental elements while assuring compliance with applicable existing and new laws, legislation and policies.

Strategic directions are influenced by an analysis of budget and workforce projections and plans, congressional mandates, administration goals, Departmental priorities and mission needs.  Ensures human capital accountability strategies are adequate to meet the Department’s current and future programmatic needs and fulfills merit systems principles and other goals.  Develops business intelligence in addition to demographic and trend analyses in support of corporate workforce planning and in response to requests from within the Department and from external oversight agencies.  Human capital management strategies, policy, programs and plans are developed and assessed for overall success and compliance with merit system principals, civil service laws and regulations, and Departmental HCM directives.