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Hiring Authorities for Family Members

Family Member Preference

Family Member Preference (Derived Preference) is a method where you, as the spouse, widow/widower, or mother of a veteran may be eligible to claim veterans' preference when your veteran is unable to use it. You will be given XP Preference (10 points) in appointment if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Both a mother and a spouse (including widow or widower) may be entitled to preference on the basis of the same veteran's service if they both meet the requirements. However, neither may receive preference if the veteran is living and is qualified for Federal employment.

NOTE: The derived preference for spouses is different than the preference the Department of Defense is required by law to extend to spouses of active duty members in filling its civilian positions. For more information on that program, contact your local Department of Defense personnel office.

Learn more about Derived Preference at FedsHireVets.


Military Spouse Appointing Authority

Military Spouse Appointing Authority allows agencies to appoint a military spouse without competition. Agencies can choose to use this authority when filling competitive service positions on a temporary (not to exceed 1 year), term (more than 1 year but not more than 4 years), or permanent basis. The authority does not entitle spouses to an appointment over any other applicant.

Visit FedsHireVets to learn more about the eligibility requirements as:

  • Active Duty Spouse PCS; or
  • Based on 100% Disability of your active duty spouse; or,
  • Based on Service Member's Death.

NOTE: Military Spouse Preference is a Department of Defense program applicable to positions being filled both in the continental United States and at overseas locations. For more information contact your local Department of Defense personnel office.