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USDA Aspiring Leader Program (ALP)

USDA ALPLeadership is more than motivating others to perform well and engaging them in our mission.  Effective leadership is a constant personal challenge requiring effective communication skills and the ability to build productive relationships and coalitions. Offered through the USDA Training Officers Consortium and the Virtual University, the ALP is designed to assist you to identify and strengthen foundational leadership skills. 

The USDA Aspiring Leader Program has two main objectives:

  • Enhanced understanding of the fundamental leadership competencies
  • Discovering development resources for continual learning through AgLearn

The USDA ALP is intended for employees at the GS 9 through GS 12 levels that aspire to be leaders or want to improve their leadership skills.  The ALP is offered at no cost to employees and is self-paced.

Participants will enhance the following competencies:

Accountability Decisiveness
Conflict Management Influencing/Negotiating
Customer Service Team Building


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