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USDA Coaching Program

The USDA has developed a ten step framework to establish a culture of coaching throughout the Department. The purpose of the USDA coaching culture is to foster continuous learning, facilitate effective cultural and organizational changes, engage and empower employees at all levels, and support the fulfillment of USDA’s mission and vision.

Overall, a coaching culture, encourages candid and respectful conversations between managers and employees, and fosters self-reflection and promotes creativity in problem solving and performance improvement. Coaching as the main element in the new culture can be as simple as asking a question to encourage an employee to think through a task, rather than directing or advising them on how it should be done.

In an effort to embed this inquiry-based approach, USDA has begun building its own cadre of internal coaches through a partnership with the Federal Internal Coaching Network’s boot camp: a rigorous eight (8) months program that prepares participants to educate, promote and foster a coaching culture within USDA. Coaching is effective regardless of what the client’s role is with an organization. Providing coaching to individuals in an organization improves individual and organizational performance and job satisfaction.