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Office of Human Resources Management
USDA Virtual University
United States Department of Agriculture

Human Resources University

The USDA is a partner with the Human Resources University (HRU) to provide greater access to training to increase the skills of HR professionals and any employee in a management role. The HRU offers more than 100 courses in its catalogue, and many of the courses are available without charge.

As of 2013, all human resources employees in the USDA (series 0201 and 0203) are required to register for the HRU, include an HRU course on their IDP, and complete the course.

Take a Course

Any Federal employee may use the HRU and take any of the free online courses once they have registered. Registration is easy:

  1. Go to
  2. Complete the registration form
  3. Respond to the confirmation email
  4. Take a course

HRU Goals

  • Strengthen the competence of the Federal Government's human resources community to ensure measurable support of agency strategic goals and missions, now and in the future.
  • Identify and provide a variety of learning modules focused on the HR competency model to achieve proficiency at each appropriate level and grade.
  • Develop a common curriculum and criteria, incorporating existing Federal courses that emphasize solid technical knowledge and expertise while developing strategic business and consulting competence.
  • Provide access to learning, developmental activities, IDPs and other resources, accessible through a central repository that offers multiple delivery methods and a blended learning approach.
For more information on the HRU and USDA’s support, please contact Dr. Ed Cierpial at the Virtual University (