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Individual Development Plan

Individual Development PlanThe USDA Departmental Regulation 4040-410 states that an Individual Development Plan (IDP) can be an effective tool for the development of USDA employees. IDPs are an important part of succession planning by helping employees develop skills that will be needed in the future.

An Individual Development Plan (IDP) is:

  • A clear statement of an employee’s career goals
  • A map for attaining goals that specifies immediate and long-range developmental need
  • An individually-tailored action plan to develop specific competencies (knowledge and skills) needed to improve performance in the employee’s present position or to prepare for new responsibilities
  • A written plan for scheduling and managing an employee’s development
  • A tool for a supervisor to estimate resources needed for employee development training.

USDA promotes the use of IDPs as a positive way to develop effective and engaged employees. In that context, every employee should have an IDP. USDA encourages every employee to use “My Plan” in AgLearn for the development their online IDP.