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This site is currently under construction. The Talent Management Division will be redesigning and updating this website. For more information about USDA's workforce development offerings, please contact the Talent Management Division at

School for Talent Management


Smiling man reading a document; Audience listening to a course USDA is committed to developing its greatest assets—the Department’s employees. The objective of the School of Talent Management is to provide every current USDA employee with developmental opportunities for career enhancement and personal satisfaction including opportunities to:

  • Develop, as professionals, by improving their skills in translating values and strategies into productive actions, developing new and/or diverse perspectives, demonstrating their strengths and exploring potential, increasing career networks and receiving greater exposure within their Agency or the Department
  • Access online learning opportunities—any time, any place—including courses, webinars, videos and books, as well as registration in traditional, instructor-led training that support USDA employees’ professional developmental needs
  • Broaden their USDA experience by accessing information on noncompetitive developmental opportunities such as details, rotational and developmental assignments and to also communicate directly with organization leaders and inquire directly about developmental opportunities even if none is posted