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Guidelines for Employees who Telework

  1. Discuss teleworking arrangement with manager/supervisor.

  2. Prepare a memo to manager/supervisor requesting to telework. Include the following in the memo:
    1. Reason for requesting the teleworking arrangement;
    2. Benefits to the organization and the employee;
    3. Day(s) for teleworking;
    4. Location for alternative worksite;
    5. Equipment that will be needed or will provide own; and,
    6. Effective date to begin teleworking.

  3. When teleworking arrangement is approved:
    1. Discuss teleworking agreement with supervisor;
    2. Determine what the organization will provide and not provide to the teleworker;
    3. Sign the teleworking agreement;
    4. Sign a Safety Checklist if the alternative worksite will be at home;
    5. Complete a GSA Telecommuting Facility Reimbursement Information Sheet if the alternative worksite will be at a GSA Telecenter;
    6. Know who is going to be responsible for transferring and retrieving office phone on teleworking day(s);
    7. Discuss the arrangements with the individual; and,
    8. Contact resource manager to ensure the authorization to transfer office phone, the Federal calling card, and any authorized equipment, etc. has been approved.

  4. Responsibilities of teleworker:
    1. Ensure customer service is maintained;
    2. Send a reminder to manager/supervisor of the work location for that day;
    3. Ensure arrangements are made to transfer and retrieve the office phone on teleworking day(s);
    4. Ensure materials needed to perform work assignments are taken to alternative worksite;
    5. Keep in contact with office colleagues to keep informed and updated;
    6. Check voice message every hour and return telephone calls, if phone is not transferred;
    7. Check email every hour and respond, when appropriate;
    8. Ensure Federal Calling Card is used to make long distance phone calls;
    9. Change teleworking schedule if he/she is needed at the main office on regularly scheduled teleworking day; and,
    10. Immediately notify the manager/supervisor if an emergency should arise while teleworking at the designated alternative worksite.