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Guidelines for Managers Prior to an Employee Teleworking

  1. Identify which tasks performed by staff are suitable for teleworking.

  2. Identify the characteristics an employee must possess to be eligible to telework.

  3. Determine if the organization will:
    1. Establish a Trial Period for each telework arrangement;
    2. Provide computer equipment, printer, fax or will the employee be required to provide these items if working from home alternative worksite; pay for installation of a second phone line at the home alternative worksite;
    3. Pay for Internet Service (i.e. AOL, Earthlink, etc.); Pay for DSL (if employee needs access to any data files while at home Alternative worksite; and,
    4. Pay for an employee to work at a GSA or USDA Telecenter.

  4. Arrange with the operating personnel office work/life coordinator to train management staff and employees on teleworking.

  5. Discuss teleworking with the entire staff and cover:
    1. Items 1 – 3 above;
    2. Office coverage when teleworker is not physically present;
    3. Who will transfer and retrieve teleworker’s office phone while teleworking;
    4. Importance of keeping teleworkers informed when not physically in the main office;
    5. Scheduling meetings, when possible and feasible, when teleworkers are present in the main office; and
    6. Considering having conference calls with teleworkers for meetings.

  6. When eligible employees request to telework:
    1. Discuss items 1-3 above;
    2. Discuss the teleworking agreement with the employee;
    3. Employee signs an agreement only after discussion of the agreement with the employee;
    4. Complete and sign a Safety Checklist if employee will be working from home alternative worksite; and, Complete a GSA Telecommuting Facility Reimbursement Information Sheet if employee will be working from a GSA Telecenter.

  7. When the teleworker arrangement is approved:
    1. Contact agency Resource Manager to:
      1. Obtain authorization to transfer office phone to home or telecenter number;
      2. Obtain Federal calling card for employee;
      3. Make arrangements for any authorized items in 3 above; and,
      4. Provide completed GSA Telecommmuting Facility Reimbursement Information Sheet Form which he/she will send to appropriate office in GSA.
    2. Provide copy of approved agreement to the employee, resource manager, and timekeeper.