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  • USDA Whitten Building

Welcome to the USDA FOIA Service Center!

Welcome to the United States Department of Agriculture Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) web-site.  USDA is pleased to offer you two ways to submit a FOIA request.

  1. In writing to one of our agencies and/or missions offices found in the link named “USDA FOIA Points of Contact” or
  2. Online using our FOIA Public Access Link (PAL).  PAL is a web portal that allows you create, submit, and check the status of your FOIA.  In order to use PAL you must first register and create a user name and password.  Please use the “PAL” link above to be redirected to the USDA FOIA PAL site. 

Currently, PAL does not allow you to submit a single FOIA to multiple agencies; however, we offer you two ways to submit a FOIA to multiple agencies.  You may submit your FOIA via PAL:

  1. To the Acting Department FOIA Officer, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Room 408-W, Whitten Building Washington, DC 20250-0706.  Your request will be referred to the appropriate agency(ies) and/or mission offices.  Please include the names of the agencies and/or mission offices, and identify the sections of the request that apply to each agency and/or mission office. 
  2. Directly to each respective agency.  Please describe the agency records requested as clearly as possible.

FOIA requests for the USDA Forest Service, may be submitted in writing to Forest Service at the address found at “Submit a FOIA to Forest Service.”

We hope you find your visit informative and helpful.