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Office of the Administrative Law Judges (OALJ)
The Judges conduct rulemaking and adjudicatory hearings throughout the United States. They issue initial decisions and orders in adjudicatory proceedings which become final decisions of the Secretary unless appealed to the Secretary's Judicial Officer by a party to the proceedings.

Office of Advocacy and Outreach (OAO)
The Office of Advocacy and Outreach (OAO) was established by the 2008 Farm bill to improve access to USDA programs and to improve the viability and profitability of small farms and ranches; beginning farmers and ranchers and socially disadvantaged farmers or ranchers. OAO develops and implements plans to coordinate outreach activities and services provided by the Department through working collaboratively with the field base agencies, and continually assessing the effectiveness of its outreach programs.

Office of the Judicial Officer (OJO)
The Judicial Officer is delegated authority by the Secretary of Agriculture to act as final deciding officer in United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) adjudicatory proceedings.

Office of Management Services (OMS)
OMS assists the Assistant Secretary for Administration and other officials of the Department in the development and execution of administrative policies that cut across mission and functional lines. OMS provides strategic planning, performance reporting, analysis, budget coordination and special initiative support to Departmental Management.

Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights
ASCR provides overall leadership, coordination, and direction for USDA's civil rights programs, including matters related to program delivery, compliance and equal employment opportunity. ASCR ensures compliance with applicable federal civil rights laws.

Office of the Chief Information Officer
The USDA's OCIO supervises and coordinates the design, acquisition, maintenance, use, and disposition of information and information technology (IT) by USDA agencies.

Office of the Chief Financial Officer
The Office of Chief Financial Officer is responsible for financial leadership. The Department of Agriculture provides $100 billion of loans as well as significant guarantees and insurance in support of America's farmers and ranchers.

  • Office of Budget & Program Analysis
    The Office of Budget and Program Analysis' major activities consist of coordinating the preparation of the Department's budget estimates, legislative reports and regulations. OBPA provides direction and administration of the Department's budgetary functions including development, presentation, and administration of the budget; reviews program and legislative proposals for program and budget related implications; and analyzes program and resource issues and alternatives.
  • National Finance Center
    The National Finance Center (NFC), located in New Orleans, Louisiana, provides reliable, cost-effective, employee-centric, systems and services to Federal organizations thus allowing our customers to focus on serving this great Nation through their mission delivery. NFC's customer base is comprised of more than 140 Federal organizations, representing all three branches of the Government.

Office of Human Resources Management (OHRM)
OHRM provides leadership and direction for implementing Presidential Management Agenda initiatives and human resources management programs and initiatives. OHRM also provides analysis and information to the Secretary and all policy officials to support informed decision making regarding the Department's human resources programs.

  • Office of Ethics (OE)
    The Office of Ethics was established to foster an environment in which USDA decision making is, and is publicly perceived to be, untainted by any conflicting personal interest of its staff. OE provides responsive counseling and advice to all employees; administers personal financial disclosure requirements on covered staff; and provides training to USDA staff on various rules governing employee conduct, conflicts of interest, and political activity.
  • Non EEO Alternative Dispute Resplution Staff

Office of Operations (OO)
OO is responsible for providing cost-efficient, centralized services including health units; sign language interpreting, mail, copier, and duplicating services; departmental mailing lists; supply, personal property, and space management; and forms and publication distribution. One of OO’s major responsibilities is to manage Headquarters office space.

Office of Procurement & Property Management (OPPM)
OPPM serves the Secretary and USDA agencies with policy, advice and coordination in acquisitions, procurement and management of real and personal property. In addition it provides oversight and policy in transportation, supply, motor vehicles, aircraft, recycling, and energy conservation. The Office also coordinates USDA’s disaster management and emergency planning response activities.

Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Coordination (OHSEC)
OHSEC coordinates USDA’s disaster management and emergency planning response activities and also focuses on safeguarding national security information within USDA, managing security clearances and the determining "Suitability for Employment" for USDA employees incumbering public trust positions.

Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU)
OSDBU develops policies, standards, and programs consistent with federal guidelines for developing, managing, analyzing, evaluating, and improving USDA Affirmative Procurement Programs. Also provides guidance to assist agencies and staff offices in the development and implementation of activities that ensure outreach efforts involve all targeted groups and that the participation of small, disadvantaged, and women-owned businesses in the Department’s contracting and program activities is increased

Office of Advocacy and Outreach

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