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Office of Homeland Security
United States Department of Agriculture

About OHS

USDA Whitten BuildingThe Office of Homeland Security (OHS) was created under the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to ensure better security and preparedness throughout all of its agencies and offices. 

In 2001, the Homeland Security office was created as a response to the tragedy that struck the Nation on September 11 of that year.  OHS falls under Departmental Management (DM) within USDA. 


Within the OHS Staff Office there are 6 divisions. The Office of the Director provides guidance, strategic planning, internal coordination, and operational support for all activities within the divisions. These divisions are:


A world-class homeland security organization providing outstanding customer service and leadership to the Department and the Nation.



The mission of the Office of Homeland Security is to mitigate risk and safeguard USDA personnel, customers, assets, and information by leading Government-wide initiatives and championing USDA’s equities in homeland and national security.

Core Values

Respect, Communication,Training and Integrity