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Office of Homeland Security &
Emergency Coordination
United States Department of Agriculture

OHSEC Divisions

Office of the Director (OD)

Provides guidance, strategic planning, internal coordination, and operational support for all activities in the six (6) divisions.

Continuity and Planning Division (CPD)

The Continuity and Planning Division (CPD) serves as the Department’s focal point for Continuity of Operations (COOP) Planning, Training and Exercises to ensure USDA can perform mission critical essential functions during a wide-range of emergency situations.
CPD works closely with every USDA agency and staff office to fulfill roles including:

  • Maintaining the USDA Headquarters COOP Plan
  • Ensuring the readiness of the Secretary’s alternate site and Devolution facility
  • Leading USDA participation in the National Exercise Program, including the annual Eagle Horizon Exercise
  • Coordinating, training and leading an incident management team to support USDA senior leaders in a continuity event
  • Ensuring that all USDA agencies and staff offices have plans and alternate facilities in place to continue essential operations even if all primary facilities are unavailable in an emergency.

Emergency Programs Division (EPD)

Provides situational awareness, facilitates crisis coordination, supports the Headquarters Incident Management Team and provides emergency communications.

National Security Policy Staff (NSPS)

Coordinates with USDA agencies to deliver a unified voice to the White House and interagency on national security policy initiatives which align with USDA’s mission areas; collaborates with Food and Agriculture Sector partners to protect the Nation’s critical infrastructure from all hazards and emerging threats through enhancement of the preparedness, mitigation, resilience, and response activities of the sector.

Personnel and Document Security Division (PDSD)

Focuses on safeguarding national security information within USDA, managing security clearances, and determining "suitability for employment" for USDA employees in public trust positions.

Two programs fall under PDSD:

  • Information Security
  • Personnel Security

Physical Security Division (PSD)

Provides physical security policy and guidance to 29 USDA agencies with over 100,000 Federal and Non-Federal Employees in over 21,000 occupied facilities nationwide.


Radiation Safety Division (RSD)

Maintains Safe Use of radiation sources in USDA and coordinates USDA's radiological emergency response to national incidents.