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Homeland Security

The Food and Agriculture (FA) Sector is one of 18 critical infrastructure sectors and is comprised of complex production, processing, and delivery systems. The mission of the FA Sector is to protect against a disruption in the food supply that would pose a serious threat to public health, safety, welfare, or to the national economy. These food and agriculture systems are almost entirely under private ownership, and they operate in highly competitive global markets, strive to operate in harmony with the environment, and provide economic opportunities and an improved quality of life for U.S. citizens and others worldwide.scape of global agriculture and challenges facing American farmers.

Securing this sector presents unique challenges because food and agriculture systems in the United States are extensive, open, interconnected, and diverse, and they have complex structures. Food products move rapidly in commerce to consumers, but the time required for detection and identification of attacks and contaminations, such as animal or plant disease introduction or food contamination, can be lengthy and complex. Therefore, attacks and contaminations on the FA Sector could result in severe animal, plant, public health, and economic consequences.

The Sector-Specific Agencies (SSAs), Government Coordinating Council (GCC), and Sector Coordinating Council (SCC) work collaboratively to accomplish the FA Sector mission and fulfill the vision, and they are the primary method of coordination for sector partners. The GCC, with representation from Federal and State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial governments, is the public sector portion of the food and agriculture public-private partnership; the SCC is a self-governing body representing the food and agriculture industry.

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