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question mark Most Requested Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Security Equipment and Storage

Q. Are there standards for equipment that is to be used when handling classified information?
A. Yes, there are standards for all equipment that is used to store, transmit, process, transport, and destroy classified information. The NSA sets standards for machines used to destroy classified information. Contact the Information Security Staff (ISS) for information on shredders, fax machines, reproduction devices, and courier bags (see Contact Us). Contact Fred Goings, OCIO, (202) 720-8761 regarding secure telephones.

Q. How often are security container combinations supposed to be changed?
A. Security container combinations are to be changed when one of the following occurs: (1) Someone who has access to the container no longer requires access or leaves their position, (2) You suspect someone has attempted to gain entry to the container, or (3) Or every 3 years.

Q. How do I request a Combination Change?
A. Call the ISS to make arrangements for your combination to be changed. If your security container appears to be broken, call the Federal Security Systems at (703) 339-2912.


Q. Can I classify a document?
A. The Secretary of Agriculture is the only person within USDA who has been granted the authority to originally classify a document (up to the Secret level). If you need to classify a document, contact ISS for further guidance.

Q. Who do I contact if I need a classification review of a document?
A. Classification reviews are performed by ISS (see Contact Us).

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