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Information Security and Industrial Security Assistance

Collateral and SCI Debriefings:
Karen Maguire,
Questions or concerns?:
Contact (202) 720-7373 or email

Personnel Security Assistance

Policy and Procedures/SCI Access:
Carrie Moore,
e-QIP and CVS Access:
Opal Jones,
e-QIP Forms Processing:
Lucy Lew,
webSETS Access:
Stephen Milinovich,
DM Contractor HSPD-12:
Kim Elosser,
PERMCERT, Clearance Passing, Visitor Requests:
Kelly Panganiban,

Technical Support

Report an error on this website to

e-QIP Help

Having problems in e-QIP? This Q&A may help. Still have questions? Contact your Agency Point-of-Contact.

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