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USDA Personnel and Document Security booklet coverPDSD is responsible for establishing and implementing USDA’s information security program in order to safeguard national security information, including USDA’s Original Classification Authority (OCA) in accordance with Executive Order 13526-Classified National Security Information. Responsibilities include:

  • Managing the document security classification function for the USDA and maintaining secure facilities for the receipt and safeguard of classified material.
  • Promulgating policies and regulations for USDA concerning the safeguarding of national security information.
  • Providing technical support on information security matters to USDA agencies and staff offices.
  • Conducting information security training (security indoctrination) for new employees and periodic update training for existing employees with access to classified information.
  • Supports, coordinates, and facilitates intelligence requirements within USDA and serves as liaison to the intelligence community for specific technical matters.
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