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Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Coordination
Personnel and Document Security Division (PDSD)
United States Department of Agriculture

The Investigation Process


  1. Form Submission
  2. Investigation Adjudication

The Personnel and Document Security Division (PDSD) receives the completed security forms from your agency via e-QIP and quality-checks them for accuracy. Once approved, the security forms are submitted to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) for investigation scheduling.

Once the completed investigation is received by the Personnel Security Branch (PSB) of PDSD, it is assigned to a Personnel Security Specialist for adjudication. A recommendation is rendered to grant or deny a favorable suitability and/or security determination. PSB notifies the USDA agency of its determination.

For favorable security determinations, the employee is notified to complete a security indoctrination. Signed suitability and clearance certifications are forwarded to the appropriate agencies for filing in the Official Personnel Folder (OPF).