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USDA Personnel and Document Security booklet coverThe USDA Information Security Staff (ISS) is responsible for providing guidance to both USDA agencies and its contractors on Departmental security classification programs. ISS conducts security indoctrination and awareness training, provides guidance on the award of contracts that require access to classified information, and assists agencies with the purchase of classified destruction devices as well as secure copiers and fax machines.

Goals in Pursuit of the ISS Mission in FY11:

Information Security Goals: Develop draft DR for Protection of Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI). Coordinate and implement annual refresher information security awareness training for individuals who maintain SCI access. Prepare draft Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) guidance for the loss, unauthorized disclosure of Classified National Security Information.Continue to conduct classification reviews of food and agriculture vulnerability assessments in support of the Strategic Partnership Agroterrorism (SPPA) Initiative. Initiate an outreach program to support our agency Information Security Coordinators.

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