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Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Coordination
Personnel and Document Security Division (PDSD)
United States Department of Agriculture

PDSD Organization Chart

Brodrick Wilcox, Chief, Personnel and Document Security Division

Carlena Fitzhugh, Chief, Personnel Security Branch

Kim Montrose, Senior Personnel Security Specialist, WebSETS

Opal Jones, Senior Personnel Security Specialist, Audits, e-QIP, CVS

Vacant, Personnel Security Specialist

Nicole Smith, Personnel Security Specialist

Christina Mitchell, Personnel Security Specialist, WebSETS

David Yarborough, Personnel Security Specialist

Vacant, Personnel Security Specialist, Newsletter, e-QIP Backup

Lucy Lew, Personnel Security Assistant, AD-1187 Processing, Record Management

Karen Maguire, Special Security Officer, SSO, and Senior Information Security Specialist

Craig Aughe, Senior Information Security Specialist: Secure Space Accreditation, SOPs, Training

Tammy Colburn-Smith, Information Security Specialist, SIMS,Training