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PDSD works with one or more POCs within each USDA mission area or agency regarding personnel (PerSec) and information (InfoSec) security issues. USDA employees are encouraged to first use their agency POC for guidance and assistance. The primary POCs are listed below.

AGENCY POC Name Phone Number
AMS John Starr 202-720-5110
APHIS (Int'l) Tracy Cohen 301-734-7624
APHIS (Int'l) Claudette White 301-734-8012
APHIS (Int'l) Jennifer Graham 301-734-7043
APHIS Dru Dukart 612-336-3289
APHIS Debra Busch 612-336-3285
APHIS / AMS / GIPSA Tiana Richardson 612-336-3294
APHIS / AMS / GIPSA Thomas Lewis 612-336-3296
APHIS Sherresa Owens 202-720-3010
APHIS Rhonda Carr 202-690-2222
ARS Eleanora Locker 301-504-4886
DM Eleanora Locker 301-504-4886
FAS Steven Rhodes 202-720-0773
FAS Paul Stevens 202-720-1624
FAS Rebecca Wolford 202-720-6713
FAS Kenneth Vernon 202-720-9285
FNS Jack Mossop 703-605-4417
FNS David Brown 304-480-7271
FSA Debbie Rogers 816-926-6148
FSA Lisa Gressen 202-401-0654
FSA Lolita Roberson 202-401-0270
FSA - Contractors Renea Morton 202-720-1607
FSA - Contractors Carol Fleming 202-720-9865
FSA-Contractors Carmen Pitts 816-926-6112
FS Randal Wheeler 505-343-5504
FS Richard Byrd 505-343-5545
FSIS/NAD Patricia Jennings 301-504-0064
FSIS/NAD Sally Sheresh 612-659-8614
FSIS Carian Young 202-720-2137
FSIS Bob Kordosky 612-659-7044
FSIS Melissa Paul 612-659-8658
NFC Gary Brown 504-426-0264
NFC Angelina (Angie) Jarman 504-426-0235
NFC Lawrence Laurato 504-426-0265
NFC Charles Jackson 504-426-0256
NRCS Carol Rowe 202-720-9615
NRCS Cheryll Kemp 202-690-1253
NRCS Yvette Gray 202-720-5477
OCFO - Contractors Donnie Holmes 202-619-7644
OCFO - Contractors Kirk Young 202-619-7647
OCIO Susan Swanner 816-926-7819
OCIO Dan Loredo 816-926-2341
OGC Robyn Davis 202-720-4861
OGC Nazik Hillali 202-720-6325
OIG Carl Johns 202-720-8383
OSEC Tony White 202-720-2655
RD Sonja Worth 314-457-5570
RD Clifton Yancy 314-457-5574
RD Michelle Buchanan 314-457-5563
RD - Contractors Kathy Lukie 314-457-5555
RD-PA's & SES Robyne Jackson 202-692-0173
RD-PA's & SES Deborah Oliver 202-692-0197



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