Personnel and Document Security - Sensitive Compartmented Information and Facilities (SCI/F)
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Sensitive Compartmented Information and Facilities (SCI/F)

safeSensitive Compartmented Information is information and material that is subject to special Intelligence Community controls that indicate restricted handling for current and future intelligence collection programs and their end products. These controls have been instituted to protect sensitive aspects of sources, methods, and analytical procedures associated with foreign intelligence programs

A Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) is an accredited area, room, or groups of rooms where SCI may be stored, used, discussed, and/or processed.

USDA agencies must be able to justify that access to SCI is required to support their mission. Individual access requires a Top Secret security clearance with a background investigation of less than five years old. If it is determined that an individual or program requires access and/or storage of SCI, please call PDSD at (202) 720-7373 for assistance.

Additional SCI guidance can be retrieved at the following link under the Director of Central Intelligence.

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