Personnel and Document Security - Sensitive Security Information (SSI)
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Sensitive Security Information (SSI)

text documentUSDA refers to unclassified sensitive information as “Sensitive Security Information” (SSI). This information is to be treated the same as “Sensitive But Unclassified Information” or “For Official Use Only Information”.

The purpose for a special category, such as SSI, is to communicate to the holder of the information that it is not for public release and that you should verify that individuals have a need-to-know that information before releasing it to others.

SSI Guidance

The following is a short presentation to assist USDA employees in understanding Sensitive Security Information (SSI) - USDA Sensitive Security Information (PDF; 308Kb)

Access to the USDA SSI Cover Sheet

Access to the USDA’s Departmental Regulation, DR 3440-2, Control and Protection of Sensitive Security Information, dated January 30, 2003. (PDF;106Kb)