Personnel and Document Security - Tips on completing the SF86
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Tips on Completing the SF86
Need help completing your security questionnaire? Click here to read some helpful tips to ensure your paperwork is successfully completed the first time!

1. Make sure you cover residence, employment and other information (Questions 9,10, 11, 22, 23 (e and f), 29) for a 10-year period (NOT 7 years as is requested on the form) for all SSBI requests. Do not leave gaps totaling more than 2 months.
2. Question # 1 – Full Name – Enter “NMN” if you have no middle name, or if your middle name is an initial(s) only – put IO after the initial(s).
3.  All Zip Codes are needed! Look them up on if needed.
4. Question # 13 – Your Spouse – Spouse’s Social Security Number (SSN) is required. All information on former spouse(s) for the last 10 years must be entered, when applicable.
5. Question # 14 – Your Relatives and Associates – Code 19 (Adult Currently Living With You) – The nature of the relationship must be defined. The cohabitant’s SSN and place of birth is required if the association is a spouse-like relationship.
6. Question # 15 -Citizenship Information for Relatives and Associates - Information required for immediate family members and significant cohabitants.
7. Question #27A – Petition for Bankruptcy - Answer required.
8. Pages 9 and 10 must be signed and dated within 90 days of receipt to allow for processing.
9. All changes, such as cross-outs, scratch-outs and whiteouts, must be initialed and dated.
10. If at all possible, complete the SF 86 using e-QIP or the electronic MS Word version to eliminate errors. See “Online Forms”.

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