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Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Coordination
Physical Security Division (PSD)
United States Department of Agriculture

About Physical Security Division (PSD)

Whitten Building


Under the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Coordination (OHSEC), and in accordance with 7CFR 2.95 (b) (7), the Physical Security Division is responsible for the protection of all USDA facilities, personnel, and assets outside the National Capital Region.


Our mission includes:

  • Development and promulgation of physical security policy and procedures;
  • Conducting of USDA facility security assessments and compliance reviews;
  • Assisting with mitigation strategies for threats in the design of new facility construction and renovation projects;
  • Disseminating security-related information to all USDA agencies and offices; and
  • Managing of the USDA HSPD-12 program to ensure all employees receive their LincPass.

The Physical Security Division uses many different approaches, standards, and systems to ensure a secure work environment for USDA employees.

Examples include:

  • Physical Security Policy/Handbook;
  • USDA Risk Based Methodology for conducting physical security assessments;
  • Interagency Security Committee (ISC) Standards;
  • Security Lease Guidance - USDA Section 9 of the Solicitation for Offer for Commercial Leases (Level I, II, III);
  • Security Self Assessment Tool - Critical Risk Information System (CRIS);
  • Geographical Security Information System (GeoSIS);
  • USDA Commissioning Standard for installed security equipment;
  • Enterprise Physical Access Control System (ePACS); and
  • Physical Security Certification Course (coming soon).