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Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Coordination
Radiation Safety Division (RSD)
United States Department of Agriculture

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Radiation Safety Division

The Radiation Safety Division currently tracks Permit Holders who work in ARS, APHIS, FS, NRCS, FSIS, AMS, and OO. RSD works with these agencies in managing the Permit Holder’s program activities that involve the use of radioactive material and x-ray equipment.

The RSD periodically sends inspectors to the Permit Holder locations. The inspectors review Permit accuracy as well as radioactive material inventories, proper posting and signage, training status, and other requirements. For each inspection, a report is written and circulated to local management.

RSD also provides guidance and direction regarding radiological emergency preparedness programs through the USDA Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Coordination and through agency emergency response offices.

In addition to the specific objectives and goals listed here, RSD is available to assist any USDA employee with questions and concerns about the USDA radiation safety program.


RSD Mailing Address and Main Phone Line:

5601 Sunnyside Avenue
Beltsville, Maryland 20705
Telephone: 301-504-2440
Fax: 301-504-2450


After hours emergency contact:

USDA Operations Center at 202-720-5711 or 877-677-2369


Radiation Safety Division Staff

John Jensen, Chief
202-657-9043 cell

Jeremy Ford, Health Physicist
202-308-0502 cell

James Terry
240-417-8129 cell
Health Physicist

Katina Jones
202-669-4966 cell
Health Physicist

Maureen Davis
Management and Program Analyst