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Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Coordination
Radiation Safety Division (RSD)
United States Department of Agriculture

What's New?

   (July 2014)

The Radiation Safety Management System (RSMS 3.0)

  • You must have:

    • a computer connected to the USDA intra-net
    • Internet Explorer.
    • an e-authenticate account
  • The RSS-83 inventory tracking form is gone.
  • Most Permit application forms are gone
  • Permit Holders create their own leak test records / sheets
  • Previous Permit expiration dates will be restored
  • Permit printout will be improved
  • Inventory record displays will be improved

Changes to the Website

  • Text changes for leak tests, unsealed isotope inventory, and inventory receipt
  • Text changes for unsealed isotope, gauge, and irradiator training
  • Relaxation of security and control for in-use ECDs in a gas chromatograph
Fixed broken DOT links
  • Revised / added / changed numerous related links
  • Changes to the following pages:
    • "Comprehensive Guidance and Requirements” (listed under Procedures)"
    • "Leak Test"
    • "Maintaining an Isotope Inventory"
    • "Radionuclide Characteristics" >> Nickel-63
    • "Forms"
    • "Database"
    • "Permits"

Training Modules

PowerPoint training modules are being developed to assist Permit Holders and associate users with Radiation Safety Division training requirements. The DOT HazMat Refresher Training for Nuclear Gauges is currently available through the redesigned RSMS database. The Radiation Safety Division should be contacted about the training, the test, and the training certificate.