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Agricultural Marketing Service Mail Stop Codes

02 - Agricultural Marketing Service

Stop Room No. Office
0201 3071-S Administrator
0202 3521-S Legislative & Regulatory Review Staff
0203 2095-S Compliance and Analysis, Executive Services Staff
0204 1752-S Science & Technology Programs, Information Technology
0206 1095-S Civil Rights Program
0215 3968-S Deputy Assistant Administrator, Compliance and Analysis, Budget Estimates & Allotments Branch, Budget & Program Analysis Branch, Investment & Review Staff
0216 2614-S Country of Origin Labeling Division
0223 0603-S Science & Technology Programs, Statistic Branch
0224 2723-S Cotton Programs, Office of the Deputy Admin.
0225 2968-S Dairy Programs, Office of the Director
0227 2752-S Dairy Programs, Administrative Office
0228 2768-S Dairy Programs, MA Personnel Management Staff
0229 2968-S Dairy Programs, Economics Analysis Branch
0230 2746-S Dairy Programs, Standardization Branch & Grading Branch
0231 2971-S Dairy Programs, Order Formulation Branch
0232 2768-S Dairy Programs, Market Information Branch
0234 4512-S Fruit & Vegatable Programs Information Management Services
0235 2077-S Fruit & Vegetable Programs, Deputy Adm./Assoc. Deputy Admin.
0236 2069-S
Fruit & Vegetable Programs, Administrative Officer
0237 1406-S
Fruit & Vegetable Programs, Marketing Order Admin. Branch
0238 1529-S Fruit & Vegetable Programs, Market News Branch
0239 3522-S
Fruit & Vegetable Programs, Commodity Procurement Branch
0240 1534-S Fruit & Vegetable Programs, Fresh Products Branch
0241 1522-S
Fruit & Vegetable Programs, Economics Analysis Branch
0242 1510-S Fruit & Vegetable Programs, PACA Branch
0243 2086-S Fruit & Vegetable Programs, Food Quality Assurance Staff
0244 1406-S Fruit & Vegetable Programs, Research and Promotion Branch
0245 1510-S Fruit & Vegetable Programs, PACA Branch, License Section
0246 1510-S Fruit & Vegetable Programs, PACA Branch, Records Unit
0247 0709-S Fruit & Vegetable Programs, Processed Products Branch
0248 2628-S Livestock and Seed Programs, Meat Grading & Certification Branch
0249 2092-S Livestock & Seed Programs, Deputy Admin., Assoc. Deputy Admin.
0250 3960-S Livestock & Seed Programs, Administrative Officer
0251 2610-S Livestock & Seed Div. Marketing Programs, Branch Chief
0252 2619-S Livestock & Seed Programs, Livestock & Grain Market News Branch
0253 3522-S

Livestock & Seed Programs, Commodity Procurement Branch

0254 2626-S Livestock & Seed Programs, Livestock & Meat Standardization Branch
0255 1661-S Fruit & Vegetable, Fresh Products Branch, Adm. Office
0256 3932-S Poultry Programs, Director/Deputy Director
0257 3959-S Poultry Programs, Administrative Group
0258 3932-S Poultry Programs, Grading Branch
0259 3944-S Poultry Programs, Standardization Branch
0260 3522-S Poultry Programs, Commodity Procurement Branch
0261 2634-S Livestock Poultry and Seed
0262 2607-S Poultry Programs, Market News Branch
0264 4543-S Transportation & Marketing Programs, Deputy Admin.
0266 4543-S Transportation and Marketing Programs, Transportation Services Division
0267 4509-S Transportation and Marketing Programs, Marketing Services Division
0268 2646-S Transportation & Marketing Programs, National Organic Program
0269 4523-S Transportation and Marketing Programs, Marketing Services Division
0270 3543-S
Science & Technology Programs, Deputy Admin.
0271 0727-S Science & Technology Programs, Administrative Staff
0272 3533-S
Science & Technology Programs, Technical Services
0273 3933-S Public Affairs Staff
0274 4512-S Science & Technology Plant Variety Protection
0280 2639-S Cotton Tobacco Programs
0292 0272-S Transportation and Marketing Programs, Program Support Group
0293 2099-S AMS Training Institute
0295 2634-S Program Support Section
0296 2095-S Office of Safety & Security
0297 2095-S C&A, Executive Services Branch