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Customer Service Office

The Office of Operations (OO) Customer Service Office (CSO) was established to coordinate and manage the Customer Relationship Management Program (CRMP) in OO as part of the Cultural Transformation Initiative and the guidance provided by Executive Order 13571, which directs all federal agencies to streamline service delivery and improve customer service. OO has developed a new "customer-centric" business model where the customer is the primary focus and the corresponding tools, practices, and processes are centered on customer needs. This includes a robust technology platform that establishes the backbone of the OO service model and improves service delivery between OO service providers and its customers. The primary goals of the OO CRMP are to:

  • Provide a one-stop shopping for all OO products and services.

  • Act as a liaison for OO customers and a customer advocate.

  • Offer a centralized office to enquire about OO products and services.

  • Provide an integrated cross-functional focus on identifying and promoting value-added customer service.

  • Offer value driven service portfolio.

  • Ensure a predictable service outcome.

  • Exceed customer expectations.

  • Reduce customer complaints.

  • Strategically use information, process, technology and people to manage the customer's relationship with our organization while providing a clearer view across the whole customer life cycle.

    It is important that we convey to you that OO is committed to meeting the needs of its customers and will manage itself as a customer-centric service provider, with one main goal in view-- service excellence.

    The CSO is located in room 1052-South. You may contact the CSO at 202-690-7777 or by e-mail at

We look forward to fulfilling our commitment to service excellence and to a strong partnership.