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Phase 1: Photos of South Building Modernization

As the renovation of each wing occurs, new duct work will support the all new heating ventilation & cooling system (HVAC). Depending on agency needs, some floors will become open space areas.  All renovated space will have the extra safety feature of sprinkler systems. When completed, space on each floor will meet the needs of the new tenant agency.  This floor (4th) will be occupied by the Office of the General Counsel. The 1st floor corridor of each wing will be restored to it's original condition including historically correct light fixtures, plaster ceiling & restoration of the oak doors. A crane delivers new equipment to the roof, including new roofing material & equipment for the new air conditioning & heating system. The 6th floor of wing three will be the first floor to be occupied after the renovations are completed.  Occupancy will begin in May of this year. New modular furniture now occupies the 6th floor of Wing 3. Construction continues on additional bathrooms.  When completed there will be a mens & womens restroom at each corridor's end. A new stairwell from the first floor to the basement & Court 3 will improve egress from the cafeteria in the event of an emergency.