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Safety & Sustainability Emergency Operations Division

The mission of SSEOD is to assist in promoting change in culture and operating practices within USDA toward sustainability. To develop policy proposals in the areas of energy efficiency, water conservation, waste diversion/recycling, and sustainable design and high performance buildings. SSEOD provides education in the energy management requirements, the promotion of Energy Star and other energy efficient and low standby power products, and the purchase of recycled and biobased products for Federal use.

SSEOD manages the implementation of sustainable landscape designs for USDA-owned properties, as well as the environmental protection program for NCR facilities. It also coordinates and oversees management and disposal of hazardous wastes generated by DM operational activities and responds to incidents involving the release (unintentional or otherwise) of contaminants into the environment. SSEOD also develops all of the response and contingency plans, as required by EPA.

Jeffrey Sheckels,
Director of the SSEOD Branch,