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Acquisition Operating Procedures (AOP)

AOPs are time-sensitive documents. The table below contains a listing of procedures and guidance, with the respective expiration dates of the AOP. when an AOP expires, it is moved to the Expired AOP table and given a status of expired, canceled or superseded.

Number & Title File Effective Date
(until Canceled)
25, Procurement Review Program [PDF] ATTACHMENTS:
[New Award-FSS]
[New Award-FSS BPA]
[New Award-12&13]
[New Award-12&14]
[New Award-12&15]
[New Award-16.5]
[New Award-FSS BPA Order]
[New Award‐NonFSS Order]
[New Award-IT]
[New Award-Services]
[New Award-Construction]
[New Architect‐Engineering]
[Mod-Supplemental Agreement]
[Mod-Option Exercise]
[Mod-Funding Under CR]
[Mod-Change Order]
[Termination for Default ‐ Cause]
[Termination for Convenience]
May 22, 2018
24, Procurement Approach [PDF] [ATTACHMENT] Apr 16, 2018
23, Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan [PDF] Mar 25, 2015
22, Reassignment of Requisitions, Solicitations and Contracts to Contracting Officers and Buyers [PDF] Aug 20, 2014
21, Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) Reviewing Official [PDF] Jul 10, 2014
20, Authorizing Official Certification - Reservation of Funds [PDF] [ATTACHMENT] Oct 15, 2013
19, Requirement Package [PDF] Jun 28, 2017
18, Procurement Action Lead Time (PALT) [PDF] Jul 10, 2014
17, Acquisition Reporting Tools [PDF] Jan 26, 2017
14, Small Business Subcontracting Plan [PDF] ATTACHMENTS:
[Subcontracting Not‐Available]
[Subcontracting Plan]]
[Subcontracting Plan Clearance]]
Jul 29, 2011
13, Delegation of Contracting Officer Representatives [PDF] [ATTACHMENT] Jul 21, 2017
11, Contracting and Funding Offices' Address Activity Codes used in the Federal Procurement Data System - Next Generation [PDF] Jul 17, 2017
8, Presolicitation and Preaward Reviews [PDF] [ATTACHMENT] Oct 9, 2018
7, Contract File Indexes and Electronic Contract Files [PDF] INDEXES:
[Mod ]
Feb 22, 2018
6, Unsolicited Proposals [PDF] ATTACHMENTS:
[Preliminary Review ]
[Preliminary Review Letter ]
[Comprehensive Evaluation ]
[Rejection Letter ]
Apr 8, 2011
5, Justifications and Approvals: Other Than Full and Open Competition [PDF] ATTACHMENTS:
[FAR 6]
[FAR 8 <$150k]
[FAR 8>$150K]
[FAR 13<150k]
[FAR13 $150-$7M]
[FAR 16 ]
Jul 21, 2017
4, Ratification of an Unauthorized Commitment [PDF] [ATTACHMENT] Jan 24, 2017
3, Acquisition Planning and Market Research [PDF] ATTACHMENTS:
[Market Research/Commercial Item]
[Acquistion Plan]
June 25, 2018
2, Federal Acquisition Certification for Contracting Officer Representative(FAC-COR) [PDF] Feb 20, 2015
1, Establishment of AOP for procurement offices of the Departmental Administration and Staff Offices [PDF] Jan 19, 2006