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Procurement Systems Division (PSD)

The mission of the Procurement Systems Division (PSD) is to provide dynamic and integrated solutions, products, and services in support of USDA’s leadership and acquisition community. This is accomplished by utilizing the best industry practices available and striving for excellence in the delivery of products and services to all stakeholders.

USDA buys goods and services everyday from different vendors around the country. To assist with these purchases and contracts, USDA utilizes a Department-wide automated procurement application known as the Integrated Acquisition System (IAS). PSD’s primary responsibility is the development, deployment, operations, and maintenance of IAS, as well as supporting the USDA acquisition community of 6,000 users.


Integrated Acquisition System

In 2001, the Procurement Systems Division was chartered to lead the modernization effort of USDA procurement systems, with the goal of integrating multiple legacy systems and streamlining the Department's approach to procurement via a single enterprise-wide acquisition management solution. IAS serves the vast USDA procurement community by providing significant efficiencies, while meeting applicable federal financial and acquisition requirements and mandates. Since its inception in 2002, IAS has processed over $13.2 billion in procurement transactions. IAS documents the full spending cycle by referencing, enabling, and monitoring throughout the procurement lifecycle. IAS also provides key acquisition functionality while interfacing with the USDA financial system of record and enabling enhanced procurement and planning tools.

PSD serves its mission through maintaining and enhancing IAS so that it continues to provide a modern, integrated e-procurement system for the USDA acquisition community.


Credit Card Service Center (CCSC)

The Credit Card Service Center (CCSC) manages USDA purchase and fleet cards.


Relationship with USDA Procurement Policy Division (PPD)

The Procurement Policy Division (PPD) is responsible for USDA-wide procurement policy and regulations. PSD works with USDA PPD to design new and modify any existing processes or workflows in IAS in order to comply with current Agriculture Acquisition Regulations (AGAR) rules. Examples of changes include the use of certain forms and document numbering.

The relationship between PSD and PPD is such that any event initiating a policy change, or any policy that requires a prescription for use (such as a ‘How To’) in IAS, both divisions collaborate on implementation. Additionally, as Change Requests or system upgrades are processed, they are evaluated for policy impacts and coordinated with PPD. Documentation is jointly created and/or reviewed between PSD and PPD before being issued to stakeholders or users.