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Food Commodity Contracting Opportunities for Rural America Initiative

The purpose of this initiative is to facilitate economic growth and competitive posture of small rural businesses, farmer-owned cooperatives and producers particularly in the fresh food and food processing industry by increasing product and market capacity for these businesses to successfully participate in federal, state, and local procurements.

Small farmer-owned cooperatives, producers, and small rural businesses will:

  • Gain a working knowledge necessary for developing the capabilities and certifications to participate in Federal food commodity procurements;
  • Learn about USDA technical assistance resources for business development;
  • Establish relationships with key USDA personnel who are responsible for the development of procurement policy and standards; and
  • Increase demand for their products and services within local food systems, USDA, and other Federal agencies.

The goal of this initiative is to identify and increase the number of small and disadvantaged businesses bidding in commodity procurements and increase the number successfully receiving contracts.