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Small Business Successes (FNS)

Ender-York, Incorporated is a Women-Owned Small Business that has been working with USDA since it was established in 1983.  They assist in administering USDA’s purchase plan and monitor compliance of the Cash in Lieu of Commodities (CLOC) Program.  The CLOC program was designed to work in tandem with the commodity distribution program and requires that the participants purchase various commodities at the same time USDA is purchasing for the commodity distribution program.  Ender-York is required to review all purchases and regularly monitor any changes to USDA’s purchase plan then apply complicated formulas in determining the amount of credit each of the 27 sites located across the country can use for their CLOC purchases.  Timeliness is an intricate part of this program since purchases must be made in conjunction with USDA purchases and Ender-York has a proven track record that ensures CLOC sites receive up-to-date information as to when and what should be purchased.  They have worked closely with the CLOC sites and have been very responsive to questions from them as well as from USDA Headquarters ensuring that all deliverables are timely and complete helping make the program a success.