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USDA Physical Security

Personal Property: DA (PMD) manages and coordinates Department-wide personal property, motor vehicle, aircraft, traffic, and acquisition management programs. USDA owns and accounts for over 675,000 pieces of personal property worth a total acquisition value over $3.2 billion. The Department owns and operates the fourth largest motor vehicle fleet and the largest civilian aircraft fleet in the Federal Government. DA also manages the Federal Excess Personal Property Program which allows the transfer of excess Federal personal property to eligible recipients as authorized by various authorities; i.e., Federal Agriculture Improvement and Reform Act (Section 923), P.L. 102-245 (Stevenson/Wydler Technology Innovation Act of  1980), and E.O. 12999, Educational Technology: Ensuring Opportunity for All Children in the Next Century.

Real Property: DA (PMD) is responsible for the management of Department-wide real property. As the second largest land holder in the Federal Government, USDA owns approximately 192 million acres of land (Texas + South Carolina) and occupies approximately 51 million square feet of space (owned and leased) (over 25,000 facilities). DA assists in management of the central Rent account, through which USDA offices are billed by the General Services Administration (GSA) for their space usage in GSA space.

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