Office of Procurement and Property Management, Physical Security Program

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Security Library

Internal Library (Intranet Only)

Integrated Physical Security Standards and Procedures Handbook (Intranet)

GSA Interagency Security Committee Design Criteria Update (PDF format) (Intranet)

GSA Interagency Security Committee Design Criteria Part II (PDF format) (Intranet)

Security Standard for Lease Space ISC Subcommittee Final Report (PDF format) (Intranet)

Potential Threat to Homeland Security Using Heavy Transport Vehicles (Intranet)

FBI Suspicious Activities Reporting Criteria for Infrastructure Owners and Instructors (Intranet)

Smart Card (Intranet Only)
Smart Card Hand Book, Feb 2004 (PDF format) (Intranet)
Policy Issuance Regarding Smart Card Systems For Identification and Credentialing of Employees, March 2004 (PDF format) (Intranet)
Government Smart Card Interoperability Specification, Version 2.1 (PDF format) (Intranet)
HTML Format

Bomb Threat Checklist (HTML)

GSA Security Resource Guide (HTML)

USDA Physical Security (HTML)

PDF Format
To view the document in PDF format you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download a free copy from the Adobe website at

Bomb Threat Checklist (PDF)

GSA Security Resource Guide (PDF)

USDA Facility Profile Checklist (PDF)

USDA Physical Security Checklist (PDF)

Risk Management Approach Presentation (PDF)

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