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Property Inventory Facts

USDA is the second largest civilian landholding Agency in the Federal Government. The Department owns and operates the fourth largest motor vehicle fleet and one of the largest civilian aircraft fleets in the Federal Government.

USDA's personal and real property inventories include:

  • 36,183 owned vehicles
  • Over 40,000 special purpose vehicles and equipment, such as fire trucks, trash compactors, trailers, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and buses
  • 7,155 GSA leased vehicles
  • 61 commercially leased vehicles
  • 346 owned aircraft
  • 223 million acres of land
  • Approximately 4,000 commercial leases (occupying 16.2 million square feet at over $265 million annually)
  • 21,700 owned buildings (occupying 41 million square feet)
  • 1,100 GSA assignments (occupying 11.8 million square feet at $219 million annually)