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About Procurement

USDA Office of Contracting and Procurement (OCP) is responsible for procurement/acquisition of goods and services, other than agricultural (food) and commodities. Within OCP is the Procurement Operations Division (POD), the Procurement Policy Division (PPD), and Procurement Systems Division (PSD)

Procurement Operations Division provides procurement support for Department of Agriculture staff offices in Washington, DC, the National Finance Center, New Orleans and the National Information Technology Center, Kansas City.

The Procurement Policy Division (PPD) serves to optimize USDA Acquisition outcomes in order to facilitate and maximize accomplishment of USDA’s mission areas. PPD aspires to help buying activities optimize acquisition outcomes through comprehensive and innovative Customer Engagement, Compliance and Oversight. Procurement Policy Division is responsible for USDA-wide procurement policy and regulations, including the Agriculture Acquisition Regulation, and promulgating career and training information for the USDA Acquisition Workforce.

Procurement Systems Division's primary responsibility is development, deployment and maintenance of the USDA Integrated Acquisition System (IAS) (a Department-wide automated procurement system) and the USDA Purchase Card Management System (PCMS).

Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) and Kansas City Commodity Office, Farm Service Agency (FSA KCCO) are responsible for agricultural (food) commodity procurements. Information on these programs is available at: