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Acquisition Workforce

For the most up to date USDA Acquisition Workforce information, go to Sharepoint | Acquisition Workforce and Certification.

The USDA Acquisition Workforce (AW) consists of GS-1102s, GS-1105s, Contracting Officer's Representatives, Program / Project Managers, warranted Contracting Officers regardless of general schedule series, and all other employees as designated by the Senior Procurement Executive. To develop and maintain a highly professional, well-trained AW, USDA requires AW personnel to meet a variety of Federal and USDA established education, experience and training criteria.

FAC Programs and training are not intended for contractor employees.

Information about these requirements and training opportunities is available at this site. For additional information, please contact your Mission Area Acquisition Career Manager Designee (ACMD).


USDA Acquisition Workforce Policies

Federal Acquisition Workforce Policies


Acquisition Workforce Certifications

USDA's AW certification programs are guided by the Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI). Links providing details for each certification program follow:


  • The Federal Acquisition Institute offers access and resources on online and classroom training opportunities for federal acquisition professionals seeking acquisition training for the purpose of gaining a FAI issued certification and continuous learning development.
  • AW employees are encouraged to consult the USDA Contracting Desk Book and their Mission Area acquisition workforce policies for additional information. Contact your Mission Area Acquisition Career Manager Designee with questions about training including continuous learning opportunities.
  • Training Portal for acquisition-related training courses across Mission Areas and USDA. Link to Training Portal on the IAS website.Integrated Acquisition System (