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GSA SmartPay® Conference

GSA SmartPay® Training Forum Update: Suspended for 2013

The GSA SmartPay Training Forum has provided a valuable event for agency charge card program managers to receive training on how to effectively manage your charge card program, share best practices and collaborate with other card program managers, bank representatives, GSA and other government organizations.

However, in the current fiscal climate, agencies and businesses alike have been forced to make tough spending cuts. After carefully reviewing the projected attendance for this year’s forum, GSA is suspending the GSA SmartPay Training Forum for 2013 in an effort to use our resources responsibly and to deliver better value and savings for our government partners, our vendors, and the American people.

All registration fees for the 2013 training forum will be refunded by the forum support contractor, A-S-K Associates. For questions regarding your registration fee, please contact A-S-K at

Even with reduced budgets, GSA remains committed to your agency’s recognized need for training and to be kept abreast of the latest advancements in charge card management and oversight. GSA SmartPay provides online cardholder and A/OPC training on the GSA SmartPay website, . The GSA SmartPay Program will also be providing a virtual (on-line) GSA SmartPay Training Forum this fall, which will provide you the opportunity to receive a majority of the training and networking opportunities that was planned for the 2013 forum. No travel is required to attend this free virtual event. Further information regarding this virtual event, including the date(s), will be sent via email and posted on our GSA SmartPay website, in the upcoming months.

This information is provided courtesy of GSA/Federal Acquisition Service and for additional questions contact GSA, Dana Todd (GSA), or Lauren Geraghty (GSA).


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