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Fleet Card

Charge Card Service Center (CCSC) Mission and Background

The United States Department of Agriculture, (USDA) Procurement Systems Division (PSD), Charge Card Service Center (CCSC) is responsible for managing the USDA Purchase and Fleet Card Programs.

The General Services Administration's (GSA) SmartPay Program provides agencies/departments and other organizations with a comprehensive portfolio of purchase, travel, fleet, and integrated payment solutions. Through a master contract with multiple banks, the GSA SmartPay program enables agencies/organizations across the Federal Government to obtain payment solutions to support mission needs. Agencies/Organizations issue a task order under the GSA SmartPay master contract and award their program to one of the GSA SmartPay contractor banks. The banks provide payment solutions to the agency/organization employees to make purchases on behalf of their agency/organization.

USDA Fleet Card Program

USDA owns and operates slightly over 40,000 vehicles, mostly light trucks and sedans, located in cities, rural communities, and National Forests all across the country. These vehicles support the Departmentís extensive and varied missions, including food safety inspections, agricultural research, fire suppression, and law enforcement. The complexity of USDA mission requirements and the overall size and nationwide dispersion of the fleet make meeting and striving to exceed Federal target goals a challenging effort that requires the commitment of all USDA agency fleet managers.

New targeted goals for fleet operations, have created better fleet management systems, such as FedFMS and Fleet Dash, to provide better oversight on vehicle utilization. It is imperative that these systems are integrated with the USDA fleet charge card to capture accurate real-time transactional data on the fueling and maintenance of each vehicle asset.

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