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Guides & Reference Materials

Guidance/Reference Material Name Last Update Type
Cardholder Approval Process Quick Guide 09/30/2016 [PDF]
Cardholder's Quick Guide 10/01/2013 [PDF]
Cardholder Guidelines for Approving and Re-allocating Transactions in Access Online 12/20/2013 [PDF]
Cardholder Guidelines for Searching Accounting Codes Using the Contains Option in Access Online 09/30/2013 [PDF]
Cardholders Purchase Card Program Guide 06/20/2018 [PDF]
Approving Official Guidelines for Final Approving Transactions in Access Online 12/20/2013 [PDF]
AO Purchase Card Program Guide 06/20/2018 [PDF]
Approving Official's Quick Guide 09/30/2016 [PDF]
Guidelines for Maintaining User Profiles 09/30/2016 [PDF]
APC Certification of LAPC Quarterly Review Due Dates 01/02/2018 [PDF]
Coordinators Purchase Card Program Guide 06/20/2018 [PDF]
Coordinator's Quick Guide 09/30/2016 [PDF]
Coordinators Reporting Manual for Management and Oversight 10/01/2013 [PDF]
USDA User Profile Guidance 09/30/2016 [PDF]
Working with U.S. Bank 12/31/2013 [PDF]
Entering and Final Approving Purchase Card Account Request in Access Online 03/28/2017 [PDF]
Quick Guide for New APCs 04/30/2017 [PDF]
Purchase Card MCC Template 09/30/2016 [PDF]
Access Online General Ledger Upon Final Approval 05/19/2015 [PDF]
Budget Object Classification Codes (BOC) 02/14/2014 [PDF]
Client Side Validation (CSV) Guide 09/30/2013 [PDF]
Debt Collection Improvement Act Waivers for Check Writing Purposes 06/15/2014 [PDF]
FORM W-9_Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification 08/31/2013 [PDF]
Purchase Card Locked Transaction Scenarios and GL Extract in Access Online 09/30/2013 [PDF]
Purchase Card MCC and BOCC Crosswalk 02/01/2010 [EXCEL]
Purchase Card Suspension Calendar FY18 09/14/2017 [PPTX]
Purchase Card Suspension Calendar FY19 09/05/2018 [PDF]